Thursday, February 16, 2012

There must be more of me out there...

Agent Log Entry 2012.02.16 : Special Agent Ethan Hunt: Security Clearance Level Theta 

I've decided I must begin tracking my movements.  This mission is compromised, and I have to ensure what I have learned is passed on.

Our inventory is increasing at the same time we're struggling to improve our on-time arrival metrics.  None of the planning teams trust the demand signal they're receiving and they spend more time validating and buffering than executing.

Blame is pervasive, and due to the discombobulation of our factories and our contract manufacturers in our enterprise planning system, nobody has visibility of what the actual customer needs are.

We have a lot of data and very little information.  We have excellent people that are spending too much of their time on tasks that don't add value to the end customer.

I was selected to fix all of this.  I am a few months into the mission and now concerned that this mission really is impossible.

In any case, I will press on.  I don't have a choice.  The entire supply chain is relying on me.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing what I learn about the supply chain, as well as my top secret methods for improving it.  Progress will sometimes seem painfully slow; but that is often the road one must take to achieve high quality results.  Future missions will include:

  • Measuring demand variability
  • Creating a balanced supply chain scorecard
  • Once we have demand visibility, what do we do with it
  • Misunderstandings of safety stock

There will be more, but I must move from this location shortly.  For now, please share your comments and questions.  They will help ensure the success of my Supply Chain Mission: IMPOSSIBLE!

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